American Domestic Shorthair Cat

american domestic shorthair

American Domestic Shorthair Cat

The American domestic shorthair cat is the product of the breeding of the American short hair and the domestic short hair. This is done in an effort to fuse these two breeds into one so that the product will be a cat with the characteristics of both cats. Cat lovers want more and more cat qualities and so act with higher playfulness, gentleness, and affection is the perfect cat for them.


Interbreeding is effective especially whereby you intend to consolidate or further strengthen the weakness of one breed. By breeding two breeds you transfer their strengths and genetic capabilities to the offspring. This is what the American is constituted of whereby it’s a combination of the best physical and personal characteristics of both the American and domestic shorthair cats.


Physical Characteristics Of The American Domestic Shorthair Cat

As a result of the genetic mix, the American domestic short mostly mixes the physical characteristics of both parents. However, in most cases, this cat seems to lean on either side depending on the genetics of the parents. The color combination constitutes the color of the parent with the dominating gene. For instance, when the American domestic shorthair born is more of a domestic shat hair, its color is mostly brown, tan, white, black, red, or arrange. Also, you can find bi-colored or tri-colored or with a color identical to its domestic shorthair parent.


If the American domestic shorthair cat posses the dominant gene from its American short hair parent the most common color will be brown, tabby, or grey. However, this cat can come in other different colors that are more inclined to its American short hair parent. The kittens with American short hair dominant genes will have streaks and patches of white, cream, brown, black, and blue. These kittens can also be plain-colored, bi-colored, or tri-colored. In some cases, they may be stripped or shaded.

american domestic shorthair

The personality of the American domestic shorthair is very much playful whereby this cat plays with everybody and everything around it. Mostly, however, you will notice that its hunting instinct very strong. This cat will crawl on birds with so much stealth that it will thrill you. The leaps and turns it makes when running are interesting to watch. This cat is accommodative to children and it’s okay with being lifted carried around and playing with toys.

American Domestic Shorthair

The social aspect of the American shorthair is what makes it a choice for many cat lovers. This cat is reputed to be affectionate, vocal, docile, calm, and quiet. This makes it the best cat to work with because it behaves per the environment. For instance, this cat will play only when you have the mod to play with it and it will also be quiet and calm when you need it to just relax and lie close to you.


Cats are wonderful pets not only because of their affection, playful nature, or cute looks but mostly for the peace and happiness they bring into the households of their owners. Cats are wonderful animals and when you have the right cat that best suits your needs depending on its physical and persona characteristics, you will be happier more at peace and the same will be to your entire household.

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