American Shorthair Colors

American Shorthair Colors

American shorthair cats colors and how to maintain their color

Much as the beauty of the American shorthair cat lies within its thick body and cute face, there is more to all that that truly defines the beauty of this cat. You will agree that the main thing that makes us love American shorthair cats apart from their manners and intelligence is their cute looks. These looks are further amplified by the beautiful colors and patterns of that make up this beautiful cat.


Either plain or multicolored, the colors on the American short hair are a real jewel and cat lovers will tell you that just by holding this cat, you feel nice and captivated all due to their beauty. Color is what attracts us to something and the situation no different when it comes to American shorthair cats. Here is what you need to know about American shorthair cat colors and how to help it maintain its color quality.


The colors of the American short hair

American shorthair cats are born with different colors that significantly add to their cute looks and beautiful appearance. American shorthair cats are known for their brown or grey tabby coats but they are born in different colors and patterns. Mostly, these cats have streaks and patches of cream, white, black, blue, and silver in their soft fur. In other cases, these cats are born in a solid color, bi-color, and tri-color. Some American shorthairs are also striped and shaded in various colors.


Furthermore, the American shorthair is recognized in over eight main different colors and patterns that range from the blue-eyed white, smoke and cameos, brown-patched tabby to the calico van. Other American shorthairs come in different blends of colors that include brown, back, and blue combinations in different percentages. When crossbred, the resulting offspring are mainly chocolate, lilac, sable, and lavender.


How to keep the American short hair healthy so that it can maintain its rich color

The colors of the American short hair are the main reason they look as beautiful as they do and so it is important to maintain the color quality of this cat. Here are ways that when well followed will help maintain the rich color of the American shorthair cat.


Visit the vet often. Diseases and infection compromise the color quality of the American shorthair. When they are sick or when their coat is affected, they become pale, and their coat is not as radiant which compromises their color quality. Your vet will easily check and determine any health dangers that could compromise the general look of your cat. By identifying and treating such conditions your vet helps maintain the beauty and color quality of your American shorthair.


Groom your American short hair regularly. Regular grooming helps remove, dirt from the coat of your American short hair. Also, grooming helps keep your cat’s fur straight which further helps define its color. Wash and brush your American short hair often so that you will help them maintain those cute looks that are as a result of its color.


American shorthairs are beautiful cats that come in different colors, patterns, and shades. These color combinations significantly contribute to their beauty and so you should help them maintain it.

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