American Shorthair Lifespan

American Shorthair Lifespan

Cat lovers develop attachments with their cats and they want to have them for longer because of how good they make their lives. Cats are adorable and cat owners have reason to want to have their cats with them for long. However just like anything else American shorthair cats have their lifetime limit.


If they are well taken care of, American shorthairs can live for long, at times exceeding their life span. You need to know what is required for your cat to have a quality life because apart from general home care health is a great determinant to whether your cat will reach or even exceed its lifetime limit. Here is everything you need to know about the life and lifespan of the American shorthair.


How To Make Sure That Your American Short Hair Lives Well And Achieves Its Lifespan 

According to the CFA, the American shorthair cats are generally low-maintenance cats that are outgoing, affectionate and they are healthy. Males are bigger than females and can weigh up to fifteen pounds when they are fully grown while Females weigh up to twelve pounds. Due to this health and healthy weight, American shorthairs can live longer to an average lifespan of 15 years. For them to achieve this age, however, there are things you need to do and they include;


Good dieting. Diet is the main determinant of good a cat’s health is. This means that what your American short hair eats will directly influence its health. Always feed your American short hair with clean good food that is low on calories and high in protein and meat, quality cat foods and enough water will do just fine. Feeding them with high-calorie foods will make them put on too much weight which may jeopardize their health.


Visit the vet often. For good health for your American short hair, make sure that it is always immunized against diseases. Immunization keeps your cat free of diseases and so prolongs its lifespan. Also, constant checkups are necessary and so your vet will be able to detect and treat any underlying health conditions so that your cat will have an assurance of a longer life.

Average Lifespan Of American Shorthair Cat


Have cat insurance. Much as the lifespan of the American shorthair is 15 years, you also need cat insurance so that you can help the life of your American short hair. Due to their playful nature, American shorthairs are exposed to accidents and other unexpected situations such as swallowing strings, poisonous flowers, and other common injuries. Also, American shorthairs can suffer life-threatening diseases like diabetes and hypertension which may cut short their lifespan if they are not well taken care of. Such conditions are expensive to treat and so it’s important to have cat insurance because it will help you manage the cost of injuries, accidents, illnesses, and general wellness. By having cat insurance, you will be improving the quality of life of your cat and consequently its lifespan.


The average lifespan of an American shorthair cat is 15 years and for your American short hair to reach and probably exceed this lifespan, you will need to take good care of its health and general wellness.

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