British Shorthair Personality

british shorthair personality

British ShortHair Personality

The British shorthair cats are big and masculine cats with thick bodies and cute looks. Cats are different in many ways in terms of physical looks, general characteristics, and personality and so you need to be familiar with the cat you’d wish to own. British shorthair cats are nice cats generally but they are much different from other cats because there many ways that this breed seems different from the rest.


Getting to understand the personality of the British shorthair cat is the best way for you to know what to expect of these cats when you own one and also it will help you understand them better. Cats like to be understood and if you want to have a good relationship with your British shorthair cat, it is important that you understand their personal needs, and what to expect of them.

The Character Of British Shorthair Cats

The important and most clear personality of the British shorthair cats is their resentment for curdles. They also don’t like to be picked regardless of how gentle you do it. In fact, British shorthair cats perceive curdling or picking as harassment. Instead, they prefer to be stroked and patted shortly as a way of showing them affection. As a way of them showing affection, these cats opt to sit or lie next to human beings.


Despite that British shorthair cats don’t like curdles and being carried around, these cats are very friendly and they relate very well with their adult owners and kids altogether. These relaxed cats settle well with family life due to their graceful nature and their introverted lifestyle. Rather than lie on your lap like other cats, British shorthairs prefer to sit next to humans rather than on their lap.

The Personality Of British Shorthair Cats

Generally, British shorthair cats are not as active as other cats. They don’t like to jump and run around as other cats do and so you will often find them lying around and when they have to walk, they will gracefully move around only when there is the need. These cats are not active climbers and neither are they as active as you would expect of a cat. However, they compensate for this with their intelligence and good manners as well as their respect. These cats will never disturb you and though they are not playful, they know when to play, and when they are in the mood, they will present themselves to you for play only when they find it convenient.

british shorthair personality

Though they don’t like hugs, lifts, and curdling, British shorthair cats are naturally pleasant cats to have as companions. These acts are easygoing and very accommodating. Also, British shorthair cats are loyal loving cats that are good at establishing rich bonds with everyone in the family and they have no dislikes or hatred whatsoever.


All cats meow and so do the British shorthair cats. Though introverted, these cats do meow and they do it more when they want food when they need help to get out of the house, and most of all when they need attention.


With enough knowledge about their personality, your relation with your British shorthair cat will be more consolidated and you will have an improved relationship that’s not only friendly but bonded by genuine friendship.

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