British Shorthair Temperament

British Shorthair Temperament

The Temperament Of British Shorthair Cats

Cats are adorable as well playful and cat lovers also admire the nice and warm way that cats present themselves to them. Cats are generally liked for their friendly nature because they bring in a peaceful atmosphere and with a cat around, there is basically no loneliness. The British shorthair cats are no different and they have been a favorite breed for many cat lovers due to their nature whereby, they are down to earth, friendly, and they make good companions.


If you are a lover of cats or would like to have one, then the British shorthair cat would be the ideal one for you basing on its temperament which constitutes a cool nature and the ability to be relaxed as well as accommodative.


There are many varieties of cats out there and at times it becomes difficult to settle on the cat that best meets your needs. If you have the idea of owning a British shorthair cat, then you need to know its temperament so that you can make the ultimate decision after making sure that this breed has what you need in a cat.


The Behavior Of British Shorthair Cats

Naturally, British shorthair cats are reserved but they are friendly and genuinely accommodative. These cats like to sit and sleep next to people but they don’t like being carried around very much. They will let you cuddle them and as you do so, they will show affection. However, they don’t like long curdles but rather short ones, then they will set themselves free and sit next to you because that’s what they prefer to curdling. As opposed to being curdled and being held around, British shorthair cats prefer other low-key affectionate displays such as periodical plays, short rubs on their coats, and pats.

Oriental Shorthair Temperament

These cats are accommodative to kids but they are normally docile, patient, and averagely playful. As you get to interact with British shorthair cats, you will realize that they are highly intelligent as well good-natured, though they are lazy. They are never in a hurry and these are the cats for cat lovers who prefer gentle cat behaviors as opposed to the playful and aggressive nature of other cats.

British Shorthair Temperament

Because British shorthairs aren’t very playful, you will realize that they play only when they are in the mood and they will play only with someone they prefer. When they want to play, these cats will select someone they want to play with and bring them a toy. Also, since British shorthair cats don’t like climbing and running around very much, it’s good to allow them to stay indoors where they can sit and relax as they wish and only allow them outside when they prefer to go lie in the sun.


British shorthair cats are wonderful cats and due to their cool and friendly nature, many cat lovers prefer them because they offer that quite undisturbed presence that a majority of cat lovers prefer. British shorthairs don’t play or move too much, but their presence is heavily felt and that’s what’s wonderful about them.


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