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The Domestic Shorthair Cats

Domestic Shorthair Cats

The Domestic Shorthair Cats Friendly, playful, and accommodative are the words that best describe the domestic shorthair cat. This cat is among the top playful types of cats and it’s a friend of everybody within its environment. The domestic shorthair cats are a darling especially to kids for they like playing and they appreciate curdles […]

American Short Hair Vs The Domestic Shorthair

european shorthair vs american shorthair

American Short Hair Vs The Domestic Shorthair As a lover of cats, there is the temptation to have every good cat in your As a lover of cats there is the temptation to have every good cat in your home. Well, cats are generally cute, and what one breed fails to offer, others offer in […]

American Domestic Shorthair Cat

american domestic shorthair

American Domestic Shorthair Cat The American domestic shorthair cat is the product of the breeding of the American short hair and the domestic short hair. This is done in an effort to fuse these two breeds into one so that the product will be a cat with the characteristics of both cats. Cat lovers want […]

American Shorthair Colors

American Shorthair Colors American shorthair cats colors and how to maintain their color Much as the beauty of the American shorthair cat lies within its thick body and cute face, there is more to all that that truly defines the beauty of this cat. You will agree that the main thing that makes us love […]

American Shorthair Lifespan

American Shorthair Lifespan Cat lovers develop attachments with their cats and they want to have them for longer because of how good they make their lives. Cats are adorable and cat owners have reason to want to have their cats with them for long. However just like anything else American shorthair cats have their lifetime […]