How To Breed British Shorthair Cats

How To Breed British Shorthair Cats

How To Breed British Shorthair Cats

How To Breed British Shorthair Cats

Cats are wonderful pets to be with for they offer great company and they are the perfect solution to beating loneliness. People like to be happy and everything that makes life easier happier and peaceful is always welcome. Cat lovers will tell you that cats bring in happiness in their lives and they would love to have more and more cats for themselves. The British shorthair cat is one of the favorite cats for cat lovers and this is characterized by its calm, reserved, and well-manured aspects.


Due to their nature, many people would like to have more than one British shorthair cat and so cat lovers need to know how to breed British Shorthair cats effectively so that they can have healthy offspring. It is not difficult to breed British Shorthair cats but you must have the right information so that the offspring that comes forth eventually will be healthy, adorable, and beautiful.


General information about the breeding of shorthair cats

The British Shorthair cats are the continuation of the British domestic cat and they are characterized by a thick body, broad face, a short tail, and dense coat. When breeding these cats those are the aspects expected in their offspring. The important thing is that the offspring possess the full qualities of the British shorthair cat.


Since the British shorthair cats are pure breeds they can be bred with other breeds and produce live and healthy offspring. But before that, you need to know how to breed British Shorthair cats among themselves. When you intend to breed British shorthair cats, always aim to have the healthiest offspring. The health and qualities of the offspring of the British shorthair cats will be determined by their parents. Make sure that the British shorthair cats you intend to breed are in good health and they are strong.


Before you start breeding British shorthair cats, you must wait for the female to be on heat. When on heat, you will notice it by the behavior of your female British shorthair cat. The cat will get affectionate and demanding whereby it will passionately rub itself against you as it seeks attention and such antiques will be followed by constant rolling on the floor. When you notice these signs it’s time to go get a healthy male British shorthair cat.

Exotic Shorthair Breeding

If you intend to interbreed your British shorthair cat with another breed, you can get your female British shorthair cat a male cat of another breed. Also, you can seek for a female shorthaired cat if you have a male of another breed.


Breeding the British shorthair cat does not seem complicated but you need to know that the health of the parents is important in the breeding process. For a guarantee that the offspring you get after breeding will be healthy, always make sure that you take both cats to the veterinarian so that they can be checked and treated for any diseases and also checked for genetic defects. After you are assured of the health of the parents then the mating process can start and you can expect healthy kittens in the next 58-68 days.

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