The Domestic Shorthair Cats

Domestic Shorthair Cats

The Domestic Shorthair Cats

Friendly, playful, and accommodative are the words that best describe the domestic shorthair cat. This cat is among the top playful types of cats and it’s a friend of everybody within its environment. The domestic shorthair cats are a darling especially to kids for they like playing and they appreciate curdles and caresses.

Domestic Shorthair Cats

The domestic shorthair cats are normally well manured and despite their playful nature they are organized and they are not destructive, though it’s advisable to keep away things that could topple and injure the cat during play.

The Background Of The Domestic Shorthair Cat

The domestic shorthair cats are of mixed ancestry and they are found all over the world whereby they have different names depending on where the parts of the world that they are found. For instance, In Britain, these cats are often referred to as moggies and In the Philippines, people call them puspins. Domestic shorthair cats are the most common cats in the united states and they account for 90-95% of the cats in the united states


Animal planet refers to the domestic shorthairs as the mutts of all cats because they are a mix of several breeds. It is as a result of this mix that these cats have many colors, markings, and personalities. Due to the many patterns and colors that the domestic shorthairs have, they are said to have a rainbow of cat colors. Though they share some distinct looks with the British shorthair cats, the domestic shorthair cats are closer to the American short hairs because of their muscular body build and round eyes. Because of its mixed ancestry, the domestic short hair may also be smaller or larger than its average medium size depending on genetics.

Physical Characteristics Of The Domestic Short Hair

The domestic shorthair is a medium-built cat that has a round face and eyes ears and nose proportionate to her body. These cats come in different colors and shades and they possess virtually all cat colors and patterns because they a combination of many breeds. As a result of this mix, there any specific colors that they are limited to. Besides, this mixed ancestry helps this cat be at a lower risk of many illnesses and genetic complications that affect other cat breeds.


The Personality Of Domestic Shorthair Cats

Because of their mixed genetical backgrounds, domestic shorthair cats can be playful, docile, calm, and playful. By nature, the domestic shorthair cat is not aggressive which makes it the ideal cat for children and seniors. Also, due to the friendly nature of this cat, it relates well with other cats, cat-friendly dogs, and other pets within the household. Because of its playful personality, the domestic shorthair is often considered a working cat. This cat exhibits awesome reflexes, balancing and leaping skills as well a strong hunting instinct. After a good time of leaping, playing, running, and outdoor hunting practice this cat requires some time to curl up and have a good nap.


If you a cat lover who loves an active and friendly that will also be a playful companion to your kids and other pets, the domestic shorthair is the ideal cat for your household.

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