Feeding Information For Your British Shorthair Cats

Feeding Information For Your British Shorthair Cats

Cat lovers know that out of all cats, British shorthair cats are more friendly and are closer to humans than the rest. These cats are incredibly friendly cats that enjoy sitting and sleeping next to people which makes them perfect company. For British shorthair cats to thrive well Healthwise you should feed them with nutritious foods that are ideal for consumption by cats.


The Right Foods For British Shorthair Cats

As you already know, cats are naturally carnivores and so their prime food is meat. However, British shorthair cats can eat all other high-quality cat foods but it is important to have whole meat as their main diet. For a longer and healthy life for your British shorthair cat, experts advise that owners should keep an eye on their diet because if let to feed freely, these cats can get dangerous obese especially if there is no exercise.


To keep your British shorthair cat from gaining too much weight, it is recommended that you adopt portion-controlled feeding for your British short hair and also make sure that it eats healthy. A diet high in protein, and low in calories such as the Cat Mate C50 feeder. For wet foods, products that come in pouches are the best and you should accompany them with kibbles. If your cat is not active keep it from eating too much because most of the energy in the food will not be used and so it could result in your cat adding weight. However, if your cat plays often and is active an extra meal won’t be bad.


Cats love milk and it should be part of your cat’s diet. The nutrients in milk are beneficial for cats and they contribute to their general health. You can also include store-bought foods for your cat but these foods should be the best quality and should be high in protein, low in fat, and significantly low in vegetable ingredients.

British Shorthair Diet

British shorthair cats will eat virtually all types of meats but being bird lovers by nature it would be best if you include duck and poultry as the main protein supply for your British shorthair cats. Rabbit meat will also be good for a change whenever you feel that your cat has had a little too much of the duck and poultry.

With age, British shorthair cats don’t need many calories and so the older your British short hair gets the lesser calorie foods it requires. Feeding older cats with high-calorie foods could result in weight gain which is not good for them. However, if your cat gains too much weight, include only protein-rich diets for them so that there can be balance and eventually the cat will significantly lose weight.


Protein is what your British shorthair cat needs the most and meat is a favorite. Always regulate their calorie consumption to help regulate their weight. Hydration is a necessity and so make sure you don’t forget to have a bowl of fresh clean water for your British shorthair cat all the time.


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