Characteristics Of British Shorthair Cats

Characteristics Of British Shorthair Cats

Characteristics Of British Shorthair Cats

There are many varieties of cats in the world, and cat lovers will tell you that cats are different in terms of behavior, looks, and general attitude. It is for this reason that it becomes necessary for you to know what you prefer in cats before you have one. This is because the primary reason we prefer to have pets is for us to have animal companions who act as we like and add value and happiness to our lives.


The British shorthair cats are a good breed of cats that are generally big and are liked by many cat owners. Before you consider being a British shorthair cat owner, you should make your personal assessment of this cat so that you can know what to expect from it. Information about cats is important and most of all, information about the British shorthair cats will go a long way in telling you what to expect of these cats.


Physical Characteristics Of The British Shorthair Cats

The British shorthair cat is a cute big cat with large round eyes, small eyes, and full solid cheeks. This cat has a short nose that has short open nostrils. By body size, this cat is big and masculine, it has a thick neck and its top is rounded slightly. This cat has a short tail that complements its size and overall look. British shorthair cats are born with different colors and patterns but despite their color or pattern, they are beautiful cats by the look. Specifically, British shorthaired cats are estimated to be two-colored. This is in the ratio of the white color on its coat in comparison to the rest of the colors. When the white color on its coat is above 50% this cat is considered “harlequin” and “van” when white is above 80%. Single-colored British shorthair cats are normally black, cream, chocolate, or full white.

Characteristics Of British Shorthair Cats

Behavioral Characteristics Of The British Shorthair Cats

British shorthair cats are naturally introverted and they don’t play a lot. Nevertheless, they are very friendly and accommodating because they like to sit and sleep around people. As opposed to other cats, the British shorthairs do not like to be curdled but rather they prefer to be stroked gently and rubbed shortly as a show of affection.


British shorthair cats are not aggressive and they are averagely playful. Mostly they prefer to lie and be left alone whereby they will play when they prefer. Though British shorthaired cats aren’t playful or aggressive, they are highly intelligent, patient, and good-natured. They are organized more than the average cat and when they prefer to play, they do it gently and admirably. These cats are never in a hurry and everything they do is calculated and patiently executed.


Because of their cool and friendly nature, these cats are liked by cat lovers who like a peaceful presence and also prefer the cute and good manners that this cat portrays. When you have an experience with this cat you may make it your favorite because apart from giving you undisturbed peace, British shorthair cats are always there to offer you that undisturbed company that you need.

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